0:00 - Intro & About Me

2:50 - Current State of the Cybersecurity Executive Talent Market

4:23 - Cybersecurity Consolidation and Acquistions

6:33 - Advice for Cyber Executives & Founders in 2024

8:08 - Artificial Intelligence: Category Creation, Hypergrowth & Talent

9:30 - Parallels between AI & Cybersecurity


10:19 - Retained Search: Working with 'Sellers' vs 'Buyers'

13:04 - Evaluating Talent & Advice for Job Seekers

16:40 - LinkedIn vs Resumes

19:35 - Parallels between AI & Cybersecurity (Part 2)

24:43 - Closing Advice for Cyber Execs

eXecutive Security Podcast w/ Gene Fay, CEO of ThreatX

Through the eXecutive Security podcast, ThreatX CEO Gene Fay hopes to share real-world perspectives that from those that have built careers in the security field and help lessen the perceived barriers.

Feature Article in Q4 2023 Quarterly Analyst Report

TAG Infosphere is an industry analyst organization founded by Ed Amoroso (former Chief Security Officer of AT&T), TAG Infosphere serves the cybersecurity, sustainability, and artificial intelligence industries. Download the full Q4 2024 Quarterly report here.


TAG Infosphere's Quarterly magazine. This release focuses specifically on recent U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission actions, and considerations for Boards of Directors as they navigate their cybersecurity journey. A timely release, considering recent news about the SEC charging SolarWinds & CISO with fraud, more recent news of Boeing's (NYSE: BA) cyber-woes (see comments) and The White House's announcement yesterday regarding ransomware (see comments).

I'm truly humbled to have been invited to share my insights in this edition (p. 41-45), alongside notable executives & board directors of companies like 3MAT&TCACI International Inc, Mercury Systems, Bessemer Venture Partners and others.

Business of Cyber Podcast

Q3 2023

The Business of Cyber podcast explores the business side of the cybersecurity industry through conversations with operating executives, investors, founders, etc. Hosted by Joe Vinck.


0:53 - About me

5:42 - Advice for founders & CEOs when building their ELT

7:46 - Hiring execs, common mistakes, culture

11:37 - The importance of an efficient interview panel

14:24 - Empowering your recruiters

16:35 - Selling the opportunity

19:38 - When to hire or upgrade a CRO / CMO

23:22 - Assessing candidates

28:18 - Assessing opportunities

34:54 - Hot spots, Pt 1: MDR, AppSec, IGA/IAM

39:00 - Hot spots, Pt 2: CISO role, SEC Requirements, etc.

41:09 - Hiring a CISO

43:15 - Rapid-fire Round

Breaking into Cybersecurity Podcast Appearance

A podcast focused on providing insights and guidance to professionals interested in moving into the cybersecurity industry.

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